Patrick Millegan Product Manager

  • Palo Alto, CA

I solve challenging problems, and I never stop learning new skills.

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Experienced multifaceted Product Manager with a passion for learning and a penchant for solving challenging problems. Designs simple and intuitive user interfaces that enhances user satisfaction. Organized, motivating, and trustworthy leader with exceptional analytical, communication, and presentation skills. Experience with developing social products, and understands the technical architecture of complex and highly scalable web products.


Setting/Measuring KPIs | SQL | Tableau | Excel | Modeling/Forecasting | Feature Design | UI/UX Design | Spec-Writing | Adobe Creative Suite | Public Speaking | Roadmap Prioritization | Scrum/Agile Dev | Ruby on Rails |


The Walt Disney Company

Sr. Product Manager
  • ● Built and PM’d Disney’s first vertically developed Star Wars Mobile Title after acquiring Lucasfilm.
  • ● Built and PM’d Disney’s first internal partnership with Maker Studios post-acquisition across multiple Disney Interactive Products.
  • ● Built internal tools to deliver competitive analysis, predict competitor KPIs, and automate task management.
  •      o Adopted by multiple teams, including executive leadership and all became company best practice.
  • ● Executed all aspects of PM cycle including but not limited to.. Forecasting opportunities, creating UI/UX mock ups, writing specs, building features with cross-discipline teams, implementing BI logging, designing analysis, pulling data, reporting metrics, and driving recommendations for several Products within Disney Interactive.
  • ● Taught/mentored PMs how to pull and report data that lead to action.
  • ● Filed four patents all related to the mobile gaming space.

Product Intern
  • ● Winner of internship contest to create personal page with most views.
  •      o Awarded internship as result.
  • ● Concepted and led team to execute 2012 Olympic Campaign.
  •      o Personally reached out to Olympians on and featured their profiles to all users.
  • ● Designed marketing assets that were displayed on AOL mail homepage.
  •      o Seen by over ten million users each day.
  • ● Analyzed key metrics, ideated features, conducted user testing, analyzed survey results, and presented findings to the leadership.


  • ● Co-founded E-Commerce website that allows users to ‘Experience the mall online’.
  • ● Ideated and designed core user experience and user interface for the product.
  • ● Analyzed NUF and KPIs to improve retention.
  • ● Analyzed key metrics, ideated features, conducted user testing, analyzed survey results, and presented findings to the leadership.


University of Oregon

Bachelor of Science Communication Studies Major, Digital Arts Minor

Takes Initiative

Andrew Fazekas Head of Product at Disney Interactive
Patrick has been an extremely valuable addition to the Commander team. In a matter of a few months, he has established himself as a data-driven, analytical, and creative product manager on a demanding project. He takes new responsibilities on head-on, presents intelligent analysis, thinks creatively, and always has a positive attitude.

Analytics and Maximizing Efficiency

Sean Dornan-Fish Creative Director at Disney Interactive
Patrick is on the ball, passionate, and equally adept at tactical and strategic thinking. I'm always impressed by his ability to gather information and come to excellent data-informed decisions. Another place where Patrick excels is time management. He often improves process which allows him more time to take on additional tasks. Patrick is a difference maker on ever task, feature, and product he works on and I would happily work with him anytime.

Creative and Entrepreneurial

Jack Luh Sr. Engineering Manager at Disney Interactive
Patrick is a very bright PM. He has great ideas and always thinks outside the box. He is creative and solves problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. Patrick will add value to any team and will find a way to help out. He is certain a person I would want on my team.

Executer and Innovater

Laura Gluhanich Co-Founder at Signal Camp
Having worked with Patrick I can attest to the quality, commitment, enthusiasm and smart ideas he'd bring to any team. Not only does Patrick execute at a high-level, he consistently finds the time to innovate and creatively solve problems to make the team more efficient. I look forward to seeing great things from Patrick, and would love to work with him in the future.

Problem Solver

Ryan Freitas Co-Founder at
Patrick is resourceful and driven. He takes a creative approach to problem solving, and does a great job of producing solid work with a minimum of management.

Motivated and Driven

Rachel Donné UI/UX Designer at Disney Interactive
Patrick is a charismatic and motivated individual. He's extremely driven to soak up knowledge and experiences. In the time that we've worked together, I've watched his skill set expand rapidly. He's always one to be optimistic, and he makes friends quickly. I know any team he becomes apart of will quickly see him become an intricate, and invaluable contributor.

Resourceful and Transparent

Jamil Hale Sr. QA Analyst at Disney Interactive
Patrick is one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever worked with. Anyone that can come onto a project and by the end be responsible for what used to be the work of 3 engineers deserves all accolades available to him. Without him, the product would have been lost and I greatly appreciated how informative he was about the health of our product and how he always made the effort to create learning opportunities within the team.

Competitive Report

Ideated, Wireframed, Built Interface


Competitive Model

Ideated, Built Data Model


Automated Ticketing

Wrote Script/Built Interface


Star Wars: Commander

Mobile App- Concept to Creation


Words of Wonder

Feature Design, Analysis, Roadmap



Founding Team, Set Key Metrics, Analysis


Ideated, Wireframed, Designed

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